Infrastructure Services

As your business grows, you may want to implement pieces of technology to make your life simpler. Our Infrastructure Consultants will create an overview of the best possible solutions for your growing business. We have specialists that will build your network so that wireless/wired access is possible onsite as well as remote access.


Managed IT Services

Keep in mind, while the setup of your Network may be complete, it is essential to maintain the network to ensure peak performance. We will be monitoring your system to ensure that all parameters of your network is updated with the latest software and to ensure that no faulty hardware is present.


Ticketing Support Solutions

Everyday tasks can easily turn from simple to complicated with the most minute of issues. Be informed of any complications that arise for your workforce with our simple easy to use ticketing software. Our ticketing software allows your I.T. team to excel in performance, monitor on-going tickets, and use previous resolutions to train new personnel. We also offer help desk solutions where a dedicated team from Tek Guards will quickly assess any situation and promptly provide resolutions. In person as well as remotely.


Computer Solutions

With so many options and information many businesses are quite often stumped on what hardware to purchase. Another obstacle may be software compatibility. We got you covered. Part of our mission is to make sure you’re satisfied with or without us being a consulting partner. We’re here to help.


Development Services

Always wanted that application you envisioned to create but didn’t know who to go to? Let’s see how we can turn your idea into reality. Our Developers are fully equipped with a wide range of programming languages that will get your application off your mind and into your computer/phone as well as your targeted audience.


Real Time Support

With our advanced ticketing system, our help desk team is constantly being alerted as new tasks propagate within the system. Please keep in mind that certain tasks prioritize others not based on individual but how the system is directly affected.